A more lasting choice - TV casing

Mirrax 40 is often chosen for moulding TV and PC casings as it is capable of being polished to a very high surface finish and it has excellent ductility and toughness. Its good corrosion resistance lowers mould maintenance costs and production costs.  Here is one of the cases where Mirrax 40 is chosen over competitor’s product. 

Application: Injection moulding
Work material : ABS + PC +GF 10%
Part size: 60” TV frame

Competitor product MIRRAX 40
  Hardness (HRC) 38-42 38-42
  Failure mechanism Serious pitting Wear
  Shots/Maintenance 10,000-20,000 20,000-30,000
  Total tool life Inconsistent due to serious pitting 300,000


Click here for more data on Mirrax 40.


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